Local and homemade specialities

The kitchen team at the Famata Lodge will spoil you with specialities from Switzerland and Madagascar. Each dish bears the hallmark of hostess Julia. You select from a small however fine menu and enjoy the meal with a panorama view of the sea. Only fresh and local produce, prepared with love end up on the table. Bon appetit!

Fresh from the sea: sea food and fish.


Peter or Skipper Zidane return home regularly with fresh fish. Seafood is supplied by the fishermen directly at the beach. Julia grows with friends a most diverse range of vegetables in her own fields.

Homemade bread from the wood-bruning oven.


Homemade bread, fresh from the wood-burning oven, homemade jam, or fire-roasted coffee beans: Whatever ends up on the table at the Famata Lodge is homemade - prepared with much love, care and creativity.

Tasty: Swiss recipes harmonize perfectly with the exotic flavours of Madagascar.


Swiss recipes harmonize perfectly with the exotic flavours of Madagascar. Apart from grilled Zebu skewers or fresh seafood, the kitchen also serves potato gratin or apple cake.

Grilled Zebu-Fillet with green pepper sauce
Fine specialities

Grilled Zebu fillet on green pepper sauce with roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables - a special delicacy of the house.

Informal grill evening on the sea
Informal grill evening

Whether it is freshly caught seafood, marinated vegetables, or a classic Zebus steak: grilled food turns out particularly well on the fire ring - ideal for special occasions.

Restaurant is located directly on the sea.
Cosy restaurants

Enjoy a sundowner at the cosy lounge area and, afterwards, a romantic dinner with view of the sea. There is a second restaurant at the lagoon.

Homemade bread at the Famata Lodge
Homemade bread

Frank lovingly mixes all ingredients according to Julia's home recipe by hand and works the dough into bread, which he afterwards bakes in the wood-burning oven.

Delicious breakfast with homemade bread
Delicious breakfast

The homemade bread from the wood-burning oven arrives daily fresh and warm for breakfast at the table.

Exotic fruits for breakfast
Exotic fruit

Whether for breakfast, as a light dessert, fruit juice or in our homemade ice cream: the exotic fruit of Madagascar is very aromatic.

Homemade jam
Homemade jam

Julia and the kitchen team make jam from the seasonal fruit on a regular basis and serve these with fresh bread or braided buns for breakfast..

Own roastery for coffee
Own roastery

Native coffee beans are roasted at the Famata Lodge over open fire and afterwards ground by hand. Freshly brewed and, with Madagascan tradition in mind, rounded off with plenty of sugar, the coffee tastes as in grandmother's times.