Nina and her small family

The daughter of the host family

28.07.2017 17:32

For Nina, the daughter of the hosts, Julia and Peter, the Famata Lodge is home and adventure playground at the same time. The children of the employees and the neighbouring village Ankilibe-Namakia develop step by step their own small family.

Together, they play, cook and dance. Nina's large room is her home. Dancing together is giving them so much joy that they created their own dance group, which is now performing together with “ça va”. Nina keeps her tip in her treasure box to buy new tenues for future performances.

The first family members were, apart from Nina, Patt and Nihita. Nina learned the typical Malagasy hip swing from her first companions. Rebecca joined in a little later and is something like a sister today. Ahina, the daughter of the piroguier Isidor, as well as Mapiona, daughter of a deceased of a sister to Julia, next joined the group.

Band "ça va" with dancers

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