Homemade specialities for the team

boko-boko and house coffee

28.07.2017 17:32
Frank presents the homemade boko-boko - a Malagasy speciality.
Frank presents the homemade boko-boko - a Malagasy speciality.

It is particularly close to Julia's heart that mostly everything at the Famata Lodge is homemade. This also applies to the catering for the team. There, she attaches much importance to the traditional Malagasy kitchen.

The kitchen team bakes daily fresh boko-bokos for all employees. These are typical for a native breakfast pastry with coffee. Here, a slightly sweet dough is formed into balls and baked in hot oil. Julia created a particularly nutritious recipe, which is famous beyond the walls of the Famata Lodge.

Julia buys the coffee beans green and roasts them over an open fire slowly and carefully - until the typical coffee aroma covers the whole kitchen. Subsequently, the beans are ground by hand and brewed with water to the house coffee. The villagers regularly come with the first sunbeams to the Lodge to buy fresh boko-bokos and the coffee.

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