With body and soul

Practically all employees come from the neighbouring village Ankilibe-Namakia. Julia and Peter maintain close connections with people in the village. This resulted in a peaceful togetherness and coexistence, where both sides mutually support each other. Thanks to the lodge, locals receive a chance to develop skills and access to education - particularly important for the children. These efforts are appreciated with huge commitment.

Host Julia und Peter Schachenmann-Razafimanga.

Julia und Peter Schachenmann-Razafimanga

Julia and Peter started building the lodge together in 2007. In this year, daughter Nina was born. Step by step and with much heart blood, they implemented their ideas of an eco lodge. After turbulent years in innumerable countries, Peter decided to set up his lifetime achievement here. Julia added her experience from a neighbouring hotel.

Band «ça va» at the Famata Lodge

The large family and the band «ça va»

Most employees work and live with their family in the area of the lodge. The musical ones among them form the house band "ça va" these days. With passion, they play on cosy evenings at the campfire or animate to dance with their rhythmical songs.